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Postby teddo » 16 May 2003 16:03

Besides my Thias (P178) I have an older Lacroix wich is really nice to ride. However when I put it on the ground you can see it's a bit worn out and does tilt a bit up. It's slightly bent upwards. Is it broken and dangerous to ride? I can probably get a finger in the arch under the bindings though.
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Postby Zarkod » 16 May 2003 23:46

Hi teddo, welcome on skwalzone!
It is completely normal that you can put a finger under your skwal, it's the normal shape!
with my old Lacroix SK200 I can put the index under the bindings and with my brand new Lacroix Contest I can put the whola hand so don't worry, If you have one that is straight and touch the ground all the way long (like tapioka's one ;)), then you can consider putting it on the wall :P
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Postby teddo » 04 Jun 2003 17:24

Hi, and thank you.
Yes I know that it should be that way. It's the same with boards of course, but my Lacroix is not entirely arched. A guy at a shop in La Clusaz said that it was no good...
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