My first skwal - how to adjust bindings etc.

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My first skwal - how to adjust bindings etc.

Postby SkwalRat » 09 Jan 2013 00:37


I have purchased my first skwal, an MR 183, and am unsure about how to set up the bindings.

First thing is - I'm regular, at least on a snowboard, this means that the right foot is front, right?

Second question, the angel of the rear foot - I understood it should be between 0 and 4 degrees - what are the pros and cons and how should I set it?

And third, the canting plates. Each binding came with two plates, and each plate has a thick and a thin end. I used to believe that they have this shape because they are mounted at the tip of the front foot and at the rear of the back foot and so they must be thicker at the outer end. But the way they are the thick or thin end is always on the left or right. Should they be mounted so that the binding is skew to the left or roght, or should I mount them in opposite ways so that the overal thickness is the same everywhere? (See the image, which is with both plates having the thinner end to the right, should I turn one of them so that they both together have the same thickness left and right?)
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Re: My first skwal - how to adjust bindings etc.

Postby gigabass » 09 Jan 2013 09:58

left foot front = regular, right foot front = goofy
angle : larger angle may be a bit more comfortable. but ensure that the boot does not stand beyond the edge of the skwal - risk of bootout. test to find out.
i'm not sure with the canting plates as i have a different binding. it may feel more comfortable if the foot is not standing 90 degrees upwards but a bit 'out'.

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Re: My first skwal - how to adjust bindings etc.

Postby pete » 09 Jan 2013 21:02

You should place the same foot in the front as you're used to on a snowboard.

I personally ride with a slight angle on the rear foot, about 2°... and around 0° on the front foot. I'd recommend you to start with a 2-3° angle on the rear foot, and eventually try to reduce it later if you're confortable.

As for the canting, I didn't know the Phokkia+plates were supposed to have canting. All the older bindings (from Thias) that I use don't have any. I'm not sure how it would feel. It may help keep your knees together, but it doesn't seem necessary to me. Again, try some different settings and see what fits you the most ! Some riders even use the bindings flat (no lift and no canting) on the board, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like this kind of setting.

Hope that helps,
Have fun with your new toy !
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