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New alpine technology

Postby sabestian » 25 Mar 2011 18:00

I am in the marked for a skwal, read a lot and one thing struck me.

There is a lot of new technology in alpine gear. The oldest of the new - metal - is widely used in skwal construction.

But decambered nose, decambered tail, variable sidecut radius, all the new goodies that get raved about in the alpine world - why I can't see these in our skwals? Has anybody had a custom skwal made with these and seen benefits/drawbacks?
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Re: New alpine technology

Postby VouC » 29 Mar 2011 20:54

Decambered tail is used in the new WA180. I think nose is also decambered on that board.
The reason is that this board is designed to be also used in powder.
The feedback is very good on slopes but we still wait for a feedback in powder.

About variable sidecut radius, maybe Phil could answer.

One thing is for sur, skwals are not sold with marketing. Most of buyers choose their board after some try to find the best board for them.
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