Tecnica-Skwal© (Advanced Level)

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Tecnica-Skwal© (Advanced Level)

Postby obi one » 01 Feb 2011 22:30

The english version of Tecnica-Skwal for advanced level is on-line.

go to , select "Tecnica-Skwal" and select "english version" under "Livello Avanzato"...

This document does express my contribution to the skwal community...especially for non French speakers. In any case it is only a of the many potential perspectives on technique to "live" the skwal. Also, I believe that this interpretation mirrors a lot of thias's visions in his late writings (the tao of skiing, snowboarding and skwalling...).

hope this could be a nice present to the interested

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Re: Tecnica-Skwal© (Advanced Level)

Postby avante » 02 Feb 2011 06:53

Thank you Obi for your contribution to the International skwal community. It is a good description for skwal beginners.
Russian skwaler, still novice :)
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Re: Tecnica-Skwal© (Advanced Level)

Postby gigabass » 22 Feb 2012 12:56

Thanks again to Obi One for this great guide to skwal, we can not state this often enough as guidance to skwal is very rare and apart from the skwal events / cups it will be very hard to find someone showing some tips and tricks.

One note from my personal experience:
In the very beginning, chapter 'Skwal base position', it reads 'Feet are lined up in close stance' ... 'The heel of the front foot almost touching the toe of the back foot'. I started this way, carving and everything worked fine as long as there is enough speed. But as soon as it gets slow / crowded / narrow (see this thread : i really had some problems with the skwal, esp. after changing from the easy jungle to the xrace 183.
I then started to play around with the stance and found it easier for me to use the widest stance possible on the xrace (both bindings mounted in outer positions) although i'm not the tallest one (1.74m). Knees are not touching each other anymore (you have to take care more while riding that they are in-lined as you can't just clamp the rare knee into the front). Apart from that for carving and speed it didn't make too much difference for me, but i felt much more control over the board when it's slow, plus easier menauvers (slowdown/break, quick direction change) when necessary (crowded pistes).
Obviously (as with almost anything) everyone has his own 'perfect' setup (like stance / angle), so esp. for the beginners i can recommend everyone to play around with these screws until you find the setup which fits best for you.
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