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Postby Rascasse » 28 Nov 2022 14:13

A parapgraph dedicated to Skwal practise on Val Tho web site:

Unarguably the least well-known discipline of modern times, the Skwal emerged in the 90s. A mix between monoskiing and snowboarding, it comprises a single board, narrower than a monoski, to which the feet are attached one in front of the other. It involves really extreme carving, where the skier’s body grazes the slopes almost along its entire length because of how tight the turning angles are! Mastering a Skwal requires precise technique to control how you glide over the snow. Despite the technical requirements making this one of the less accessible sports, you’ll often come across hardened skiers on our slopes addicted to the sensation of flexibility it offers! Why not have a go yourself!
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