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Postby Neilo » 03 Mar 2003 12:14

Im looking for a red 173 Skwal or equivalent length, stiffness, sidecut ratio. Anyone selling? Which Lacroix Skwal is similiar? :ph34r:
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Postby lacroixllx » 08 Mar 2003 14:49

Have red Lacroix SK3000 new, bindings available, contact me at with your offer <br><br>Image
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Postby pete » 09 Mar 2003 04:00

Sorry to interact, but I don't think we can say that the SK3000 is really similar to the 173F from thias.
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Postby Neilo » 10 Mar 2003 11:51

<_< Thanks for the advise Pete. I have a Virus Nightmare at the moment, (which sounds very similiar to the LaCroix, (165 x 15(mid width)), albeit a little softer).

Im really looking for this specific skwal as I think its a good progression for me, a little stiffer, a little stiffer and a little more aggressive. So if anyone has one for sale please contact me, thanks,


P.S. Any advise is welcome, (English or Deutsch :P )
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