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Postby holger » 22 Feb 2003 15:39

i know a sports shop that wants to sell some used SK200 with original bindings. price is around EUR200,-. this were rental boards, but used very few, so are supposed to be in good condition. i didn´t see them yet, but if some of you were interested in buying one, then i would go there and i could also try to negotiate about the price. the only problem might be, that i´m from munich. but anyway, let me know if you´re interested in, we can find a solution.
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Postby SkwalEbaba » 15 Nov 2003 20:46

I'm interested only by bindings because my SK200 needs new one (ELfgen break easily with contrainst) but why not to buy one complete at low price ! Tell me if you have good news !
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